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Who Am I?

by Webadmin

Everyone struggles with this question from time to time. We ask “Who am I in the family?”  “Who am I outside the family?”  “Who am I among my peers?”  “Who am I at work?”  “Who am I in the Church?”  “What is my place?”  “How do I fit in?”  “Who should I be?”  “How can I be the winner, the admired one, the achiever, the controller, the leader, the boss, the influential one, the righteous one, the one who knows?”  “Can I affirm my identity by doing, building, serving, taking, getting, leading, submitting, enabling?” 

            The questions are constant, stressful, confusing, unstable and basically hopeless.

            Jesus is the answer.  If my identity is in Christ, I don’t need to be anyone else, but I can be who I should be.  If I know who I am in Jesus, the other questions become secondary.  If I worship Jesus instead of what I do, I will have more focused energy to do well.  If I receive my identity from Jesus rather than trying to make or find it for myself, my identity will be stable and my life more fruitful.

         This is not a fairy tale.  It is the Gospel Truth.  Keep your eyes on Jesus.  He is the answer. 


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