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A Child’s Introduction to Buddhism

by Webadmin

A Child’s Introduction to Buddhism

for Amelia Brown

Most people, all through history, have been religious. Religion is the things we do to connect us to the Truth.  Religions are very different depending on what people understand the Truth to be.  Religions are also the same in many ways.  Most Religions have special buildings and places, special music and songs, special Scriptures, special meetings, special people who lead the Religion (priests, pastors, Sunday School teachers), special times of the year.  So, when you learn about Buddhism, you learn about festivals, temples, priests, scriptures, activities (like lighting incense or candles or bringing flowers or fruit, having special decorations in the house).  All of these things are part of growing up into the culture or society for children in any part of the world.


A very important question is:  Why do people do all these special things?  In Christianity we do what we do because we believe the Bible and that God is a Personal God who made everything and that Jesus came to die for us.  We believe that God saves us from death and gives us new life in Jesus so we can be the way He made us to be and enjoy being with Him and each other forever.


A Buddhist child believes that all Truth is ONE.  That means a kind of peace with no conflicts, no disagreements, no desires and no suffering.  There is no jealousy or fear in ONE because there are no relationships.  This is very hard for Western people to understand and must be experienced, rather than thought through. A boy named Sidharta Gautama lived in India 500 years before Jesus.  He had some very special experiences of being ONE with EVERYTHING and he taught people how to come to these experiences and have this kind of peace.  Buddhists try to follow his example to experience peaceful Oneness through meditating and peaceful living.  All the religious things Buddhist have and do point to this main goal.


Some people have and do a lot of „Christian“ things in our part of the world without really trusting in Jesus or believing God’s Word.  It is the same with Buddhists and people in other religions.  A lot of the religious flavor or atmosphere of life is social or cultural.  It is important to really know why we do the religious things we do and be really sincere about knowing and living the Truth.

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